Q: Who is the pastor of St. Clement Parish

A: Fr. Jack Durchholz


Q:  When and where are the Ash Wednesday services?

A:   At St. Clement Church -  8am & 6:30 pm Masses w/sprinkling of ashes at each.


Q:  What times are the Christmas and New Years Masses?

A:  Dec. 24th:  5pm at St. Clement for maximun seating.

     Dec. 24th:  11pm at St. Rupert Church

     Dec. 25th:  9am at St. Clement Church

     Dec. 31st - 5pm at St. Clement

     Jan. 1st - Not yet decided


Q:  Is Mass cancelled due to bad weather?

A:  If Warrick County schools are delayed or cancelled, there will be no weekday Mass.

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